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  1. To transfer knowledge at its best.
  2. To train consultant, engineers, managers, senior and junior staff in the oil and gas industry as well as fresh graduates and focused undergraduates.
 To provide Consulting Services to Oil Companies, Servicing Firms and I.T. Support for your ICT deployments.
Comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2013  

     (5 Days)  

    1. Class Description (comprehensive)   
    2. Class Overview   

On the first day of this comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2013 training course, students will learn to use Excel 2013 to create, modify, and format Excel worksheets, perform calculations, and print Excel workbooks. The second day of class will focus on using advanced formulas, working with lists, working with illustrations and charts, and using advanced formatting techniques. And on the third, fourth  and final day of class, students will learn to work with pivot tables, audit worksheets, work with data tools, protect documents for collaboration with others, and work with macros.   
This Comprehensive Microsoft Excel 2013 Training class is a combination of the following courses:   

      1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013 Training   
      2. Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2013 Training   
      3. Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 Training   
    1. Class Goals   
      1. Create basic worksheets using Microsoft Excel 2013.   
      2. Perform calculations in an Excel worksheet.   
      3. Modify an Excel worksheet.   
      4. Modify the appearance of data within a worksheet.   
      5. Manage Excel workbooks.   
      6. Print the content of an Excel worksheet.   
      7. Learn to use formulas and functions.   
      8. Create and modify charts.   
      9. Convert, sort, filter, and manage lists.   
      10. Insert and modify illustrations in a worksheet.   
      11. Learn to work with tables.   
      12. Learn to use conditional formatting and styles.   
      13. Create pivot tables and charts.   
      14. Learn to trace precedents and dependents.   
      15. Convert text and validate and consolidate data.   
      16. Collaborate with others by protecting worksheets and workbooks.   
      17. Create, use, edit, and manage macros.   
      18. Import and export data.   
    2. Class Outline   
      1. Creating a Microsoft Excel Workbook    
      2. The Ribbon    
      3. The Backstage View (The File Menu)    
      4. The Quick Access Toolbar    
      5. Entering Data in Microsoft Excel Worksheets    
      6. Formatting Microsoft Excel Worksheets    
      7. Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel    
      8. Working with Rows and Columns    
      9. Editing Worksheets    
      10. Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features 1   
      11. Advanced Formulas    
      12. Working with Lists    
      13. Visualizing Your Data    
      14. Working with Tables    
      15. Advanced Formatting    
      16. Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features    
      17. Using Pivot Tables    
      18. Auditing Worksheets    
      19. Data Tools    
      20. Working with Others    
Recording and Using Macros    


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