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This highly interactive Contractor Management training course will ensure that delegates understand how contractor management will fit in the Asset Management context – how to select the right contractor and contract type which suits your sourcing strategy and how to manage and monitor the results. Further, topics such as risk management, safety-health-environment aspects, partnerships, negotiating, people management (winning the hearts of the people) and applying contracts in a complex project environment (Turnkey contracts, Public Private Partnerships PPP) will be considered.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the existing contracts used in the organization. Through a combination of formal lectures and group work, delegates will leave the course with the tools to make contracts and contract management highly effective.

This training course will highlight:

  • Sourcing strategy within Asset Management
  • Contract types incl. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Design & Construct (D&C)
  • Selecting the best contractor – procurement aspects
  • Risk management & SHE
  • Monitoring & managing performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Contractor management in a project environment – Turnkey, PPP contracts
  • Managing the behaviour of people to get sustainable results
  • Continuous improvement aspects

What are the Goals?

 At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Explain the basic elements of effective contractor management and its position within asset management
  • Evaluate bids and proposals and choose the right contractor
  • Identify, evaluate and manage the risks involved (SHE, performance)
  • Manage & monitor the contractor performance in an innovative way
  • Develop and negotiate contracts
  • Reliability, Asset & Plant professionals
  • Shutdown and Turnaround management teams
  • All professionals involved in contractor management
  • Production & Continuous Improvement professionals
  • Anyone who wishes to update themselves on contractor management
  • All professionals negotiating, managing and verifying contracts in maintenance & technical projects


The training course will be conducted along interactive workshop principles. There will be a variance of lectures and practical exercises. Experiences from different areas will be discussed. There will be many opportunities for discussion and sharing experiences.


Day One: Contractor Management Basics

  • Overview of contractor management
  • How does it relate to asset management?
  • (Out)sourcing strategies
  • Risks involved – risk management & SHE aspects
  • Grounding the maintenance contract with a Risk Based Maintenance concept – how to keep that knowledge in-house

Day Two: Contract Types for Maintenance & Technical Projects

  • Contracts – basic types
  • Contracts – complex types (Turnkey, Design & Construct, Public Private Partnerships)
  • Procurement aspects
  • Choosing the right contractor
  • Monitoring & managing contractor performance – from traditional penalties & rewards to more innovative ways

Day Three: Developing the Contract

  • The contracting cycle
  • Requirements / service levels, RAMS aspects (Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety)
  • Writing the contract
  • Periodic evaluation & continuous improvement – vendor management
  • Partnerships

Day Four: People Management & Negotiation Aspects

  • Implementing contract management
  • How to make it work by influencing the behaviour of people
  • Negotiating the contract
  • Negotiation ploys
  • Negotiation tactics & tips

Day Five: Final Workshop

  • Requirements / service levels – defining what you want
  • Tendering process
  • Contractor selection
  • Contractor management – measuring & managing the performance
  • Negotiation
  • Evaluation
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