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A Process can be described as a sequence of changes in a substance and instrumentation systems are a group of instruments or their application for the purpose of observation, monitoring or control. The training program focuses on the concepts and characteristics associated with industrial processes, process variables and Basic process control. Participant will have hand-on experience with a simple control system as well as process and controller simulators. The class training will be complemented by class workshops, discussion on industry best practices and ISA videos on Instrumentation, Process and Control. Students will be issued a certificate at the end of the training.


Personnel involved in design, installation, operation and maintenance

Among others, you will cover:

  • Introduction to calibration principle
  • Pressure, temperature, level & flow instrument/gauges calibration
  • Pneumatic and current conversion system
  • Calibration documentation & abbreviations definitions (MPA, KPA, PSI, BAR, KGF/CM)
  • Current loop characteristics
  • Pre-check: Checking for open circuit & Checking for short circuit
  • Loop check
  • Familiarization with measuring instruments
  • Selection of Measurement and Control Devices
  • Repair modes and records; Failure mode analysis;
  • Maintenance, calibration modes, and records; Calibration seals; Tools and equipment
  • Handling equipment; Cleaning and decontamination; Testing and evaluation; Disassembling and reassembling; Calibration; Test stands
  • Troubleshooting instrument error
  • Safety while working with instruments
  • Hands-on practical exercises & simulations


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Use manufacturer’s literature, maintenance and repair records, tools, and test instruments; Calibration; Recording the repair

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