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 AVEVA PDMS™ is a datacentric, multi-discipline 3D plant design solution.  It has modules for the design of equipment, piping, ducting, structure and cable trays. Modelling is carried out using customer defined catalogues and specifications, in a fullcolour shaded 3D environment, with the support of tools that ensure a clash-free design. A wide range of drawings, reports and Bills of Material can be produced directly from the 3D model, ensuring accuracy and consistency.


What will be learned.  

  1. 3D design of power plant.
  2. Generate bill of quantity for piping, structures ,cable trays ,hvac
  3. Generate 2D drafts of a plant
  4. Ability to interpret drawings.
  5. An understanding of plant layout.
  6. How to produce as built drawings for maintenance or operation of plant.
  7. An understanding of ASME standards and other relevant standards as well.


  Course content   

  1. Equipment design
  2. Piping layout and routing.
  3. Configuration of beams and column, panel, civil works.
  4. Design of hvac
  5. Cable tray design and routing.
  6. Generating isometric drafts and 2D drafts as well as bill of engineering materials from 3D models.
  7. Interfacing with Autocad.
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